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Olivia Palermo’s Blog Will Finally Launch This Month!

Earlier this summer, WWD reported that Olivia Palermo would be launching a blog in August. 
But it’s almost the middle of September, and nothing has hit the web. So when Fashionista spotted the stylish starlet at Rachel Roy’s presentation, they had to get the scoop.
Fashionista: We heard you were going to launch a blog, is that still happening?
Yes, I’m launching this month. I pushed it back a little bit to make sure it’s just perfect; so it will launch at the end of this month for sure. We’re just working out the dates right now but I’m really, really excited.
Will you be doing any posts on NYFW?
I’ll be doing some posts and I have a wonderful team of writers that I’m working with. They’re definitely going to be touching on a little bit of fashion week here New York and overseas as well.
Will it mostly focus on fashion?
It’s going to be more focused on my influences throughout my travels and also a little bit of beauty and fashion pictures [of items] that you can buy now. It has a little bit of everything. But I do love fashion and I have a great appreciation for it so to be able to share some style tips is always cool.
A while ago it was rumored you would launch your own line. Is that something you’d still be interested in doing?
I think at some point. Right now I have so much going on but it’s something I want to do in the future. It’s just a matter of when.
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Clau Tavares disse...

Mal posso esperar. Só tenho pena que não seja só ela a estar envolvida no blog e que tenha uma equipa de escritores. Assim não é tão pessoal, mas desde que ela ponha umas fotos e imagens giras a malta gosta.
Clau / Style Blossom

Phil disse...

Em grande como sempre :)

Missy Cheeks disse...

boa notícia a do blog :)