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How to Rock: Fur Vests

Photo courtesy of Johannes Huebl

The extreme and unshakeable chill of last winter seems to have put many designers in an Arctic state of mind. From a ladylike shrug at Miu Miu to the gobs of psychedelic fur liberally applied in Gucci most recent offerings, it seems to matter little how you wear fur, just so long as you do.
A fur vest is the perfect way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. As a layering piece, it’s a practical investment to keep you cozy on frigid nights. As a statement piece, a fur vests speaks for itself, adding interest to any outfit with its luxurious texture. The trick to wearing any fur piece is to avoid looking like Cruella DeVille through a careful balancing act of volume and form.

Color Play: Take lessons from Olivia, who layers her black fur vest over an all-black ensemble of leather pants, a fitted black blazer and a black turtleneck. The monochrome palette let the sheen and texture of the vest take center stage, while keeping the outfit elegant and understated. Add a splash of color with a bright accessory.
Taming the Beast: A furry vest can be overwhelming and leave your top half shapeless or worse– bulky. To keep your silhouette feminine, use a skinny belt or a fabric tie to define the waist.

Two Trends, One Outfit: Though skinny jeans and leggings seem to be the favored bottoms to pair with fur vests in an effort to slim down the bottom half of the body, high-waisted maxi skirts can bring another level of drama to an outfit. Bedecked in furs and a long skirt, you’ll feel like the most glamorous girl on the prairie – and the big city.

by Olivia in OliviaPalermo.com 

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  1. I love her outfit with the white blouse. She looks amazing.