quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2012

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is city chic during stroll with Johannes Huebl  and makes the pavement her catwalk .
Olivia´s not known to dress down for the cameras. So it was no surprise when she stepped out looking stylish as ever as she walked her dog with Johannes on Sunday. Olivia dressed up in denim shorts with tribal print and colour-blocked beaded necklaces over a red knitted sweater that matched city-friendly ballet flats and a coral and grey tote for a polished, pulled together look.Leopard print sunglasses shielded her eyes from photographers as she held hands with Johannes. Olivia stopped in at a local bicycle shop to pick up a weaved basket, while Huebl walked her adorable pooch, they looked simply stylish !!!

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  1. Beautiful Outfit ,love the Colours and the Necklace!


  2. This is such a great post. I love it!!! A gorgeous selection of images!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark