quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2013

Hair How-To: Olivia Palermo's Perfect Locks!

Olivia Palermo has the most beautiful hair in the world. It's shiny, the perfect length, and can be changed for any occasion. And we are super jealous! But guess what? It's really easy to get hair like Olivia's!

Olivia has shoulder length, wavy and beautiful hair! We adore her perfectly curly hair!

She wore a glamorous hairdo at London Fashion Week last year. We love it!

A perfect everyday hairstyle!

Olivia in her beautiful curls! But how does she get those perfect waves? "I never leave the house without blow-drying my own hair. Then I curl it with tongs in sections."

Make sure to trim your hair every 3 months to avoid split ends.

Olivia once went blonde, but we like her as a brunette.

So classy!

To keep your hair healthy, don't wash it everyday. Washing your hair everyday will dry it out.


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