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Olivia Palermo is the face of a new Oscar de la Renta line. The Outnet will release an exclusive capsule collection by Oscar de la Renta — with Olivia Palermo set to front the campaign. "It's all about reinterpreting classic styles, so we wanted someone polished who represented the Oscar brand .The fashion designer has created lower-priced pieces to help solve the problem of "underutilised" items. He is partnering with The Outnet on a new range of clothing. The website is known for selling high-end pieces at lower price points, with de la Renta coming up with 24 pieces specifically for it. The range will cost between €240 and €955 and will hit the web on February 26.
"Currently, the brand’s outlet model is driven by surplus merchandise, and this marks the first time product has been actively developed for this channel of trade," the label's chief executive officer Alex Bolen told WWD.
"We have things around here that are underutilised - [such as] 40 years of patterns, fabrics and artwork that a lot of people spent time on. We thought, perhaps we can put something together in a way that is new, that doesn’t require as much development time and in an exclusive way."
Alex added the move doesn't mean the label is "dumbing down", while it has also been careful to ensure the high-end and lower priced pieces have their own distinct identities.
The company is also thinking about opening a new outlet store, to pair with the one currently running in Central Valley, New York.
The key difference between the two collections is that Oscar de la Renta for The Outnet focuses on designs and fabrics which have already been used for the main line. As everything has already been prepared, it means making the range is cheaper.
Much of the collection is dresses, including a leopard-print shift, while there is also a bright pink blouse, polka dot skirt and a pencil skirt which boasts flowers.

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Patrícia M. disse...

Fiquei super curiosa com a colecção, mas a notícia de que a Olivia será a 'cara' é simplesmente fantástica! Mal posso esperar para ver as fotos.


fa boheme disse...

Amazing post Marta!!!!



Anónimo disse...

Ah, she's perfect for this, I'm looking forward to seeing it on The Outnet.