quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2014

Olivia Palermo for Elle Australia


1. She loves carbs.Specifically muffins. Consumed throughout the day were: two English muffins (with butter), plus one blueberry muffin.

2. She’s a social media rookie. “I only ever remember to post when my friends say to me, ‘Olivia, you haven’t been on Instagram for two weeks!’,” she told us.

 3. She has excellent taste is music.Blasting from her iPhone during the shoot was music by Empire of the Sun and Beyoncé and Pharrell Williams, to which she busted some serious moves.

4. She’s genuinely lovely.No, not a hint of the bitchiness you might have seen on (scripted) reality TV showThe City. She was super-polite, introducing herself to everyone when she arrived on-set, and  made zero diva demands.

5. She and new husband Johannes Huebl are not into couple dressing. At all. “We never get dressed together – we always meet at the door!” OP told us. “I’m not into the couple dressing idea.”

Olivia Palermo behind the scenes Here