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Olivia Palermo For Grazia

Olivia Palermo,Fashion Week darling revealed to Grazia how she manages to keep up her signature polished blow dry every single day of the week and why London Fashion Week is always her favourite. Plus she gave some details of her low-key wedding and the bigger event she has planned later in the year.

1. Get the behind the scenes scoop of Olivia’s collaboration with Alquazzura:
 “We have a mutual friend and I’ve followed [creative director] Edgardo’s collections since his debut. I have always loved the craftsmanship and his shoes are beautiful.

2. Olivia on walking in heels:
“I do enjoy shoes. I’ve never had any problem walking in heels – it’s second nature, every woman can do it if they try.”

3. We get her top tips for organised fashion week packing:
“ I don’t put everything head-to-toe beforehand, but I limit myself to two or three suitcases and a carry-on, max.”

4. She gives us the low down on that beautiful, enviable blow-dry:
“ I wash and set my hair every single day. But the process is quicker than everyone thinks – I run a business, seriously, I have stuff to do!”

5. And finally, we quizzed her about the wedding wardrobe (well, obvs)…
“I loved wearing Carolina (Herrera). I guess it was just a different take on bridal. For us it was just a small thing that we did with our family that was really nice and private.”

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