domingo, 25 de janeiro de 2015

What's Inside Olivia Palermo's Handbag?

Olivia Palermo Collaboration Aspinal of London

OLIVIA PALERMO is putting her experience as a social-media favourite to good use, by creating a very clever handbag. The style blogger and entrepreneur has designed a limited-edition tote bag for London label Aspinal, complete with chargers for your iPhone or iPad - putting paid to those tricky fashion-week moments when too much Instagramming leads to a flat battery.
The Marylebone TechTote is based on the design of the company's classic Marylebone bag, with the addition of the chargers, but only 30 will be produced. A hundred per cent of the sales of the bag will go to ADCAM - a charity, of which Palermo has been a long-time supporter, that works to develop cooperation projects and social responsibility initiatives in the Masai Mara region.
"Working with Aspinal and having them lend their support to ADCAM has been a stylish and meaningful experience," Palermo said today.
The limited-edition Maylebone TechTote will be available from Aspinal priced at £995.

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