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Olivia Palermo In New York City

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Olivia Palermo at Tommy HilfigerEvent in China

Olivia Palermo at the Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Beijing, China

Olivia Palermo Interview

Olivia Palermo takes a selfie in the Palace of Versailles.

Olivia Palermo Slays In A Crisp White Suit

Around these parts, we consider a perfectly tailored white suit to be as essential to a woman’s wardrobe as a strapless bra or pair of running sneakers. Olivia Palermo’s glamorous take on the look, snapped yesterday in France, only demonstrates why we consider the duo a must-own. When you’re searching for a daytime outfit that is luxurious yet comfortable, sexy yet polished, this power pairing is your best bet. Simple adjustments to the accessories can give the look more or less formality, and you can easily wear the pieces on their own too. After all, who doesn’t want a crisp white pant in their closet? And since when is a non-black blazer a bad thing to have on hand? We rest our case.
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Olivia Palermo At La Perla’s Madison Avenue Boutique Reopening in New York

Olivia Palermo rocked a tailored suit ,getting this season's trouser trend can be tricky; not too long, not too tight. But Olivia Palermo nailed it.

When it comes to style, Olivia Palermo makes decidedly daring choices and, as we learned last night, the beauty is unafraid of throwing underpinnings into the mix—at least when the lingerie in question is draped on mannequins that scatter one of Manhattan's most gorgeous shops. “I love to see all the couture pieces. It’s a work of art,” she commented to InStyle at the re-opening of La Perla’s Madison Avenue boutique in New York.

Though Olivia 's outfit didn’t exactly scream 50 Shades, the street-style favorite still turned heads when she walked into the store. Wearing an all black La Perla suit with silk green pumps, Palermo looked perfectly polished. Her accessories game, as usual, was also on point with vintage pins decorating her lapels and Verdura jewels shining.
So how does the It girl define her style? “It’s eclectic, relatively accessorized, tailored, with little pops of color. Structured, probably,” she said. Her standout fashion choices make it tough for her to step out without being photographed—but Palermo doesn't consider lens men before getting dressed.
“No, I’m really practical, and it’s about what my day entails, so if I have meetings I get really dressed and if I don’t get to go home, then I have an outfit that I can transition, and I have a little extra makeup, just like any other girl," she says. "That’s basically it. I dress for myself and I enjoy getting dressed. I don’t dress for anyone else."

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Olivia Palermo At Good Day New York:Olivia Palermo's 3 'must-dos' for summer

Olivia Palermo never leaves her house in sweat pants.
Olivia says she learned at a young age from her mother that she should always look her best.
Olivia top beauty and fashion tips are ahead of the summer:
1. Buy ballet flats a half size bigger;
2. Switch your foundation;
3. Wear Olivia Palermo's Hutch Red Nail Polish by Ciate.

Olivia Palermo At Good Day New York

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"My hands and feet are always matching."
Model and professionally well-dressed person Olivia Palermo has joined forces with UK beauty brand Ciate London to create arguably the only three nail polish shades needed for summer: creamy pink, blood red, and beach coral.

"Red is the color I wear every day," says Palermo, who has 'Hutch,' a glossy crimson with blue undertones, on her nails when we meet at The Crosby Hotel. "Since it's summer, I just wanted colors to pop on a skin tone."

There's a reason why Palermo's signature rich-girl style inspires millions of copycats, and I'm not immune. "What do you usually do?" she asks, eyeing my hands. The usual is chipped, but I choose 'Hutch' as well. "You'll feel like a new person," she says, while a manicurist paints my nails.

Beyond her signature red polish, Palermo shares her thoughts on loyalty, nail art, and the best mascara ever.
"I've been getting manicures and pedicures since I was very, very young. In New York you have one on every block, and my mom would go every other week to get a manicure and pedicure, and always only red. It must've been Revlon. They didn't have the amazing nail colors they have now and the polishes. So I just went with her and got my nails done. Way before Kindergarten. I get it done every four or five days."

"I am totally religious and loyal [to my salon] and I'm their oldest client; i-Plaza right in Tribeca. The son has opened up another store right around the corner called M-Spa, and you feel like you're in a Swedish spa. It's very cool, they play house music, but it's all the same ladies from the other location, so all friendly faces."

"The way the French do a manicure, it's not exactly exciting, and the actual French manicure itself—no. Just stick with a nude. It's just dated. A lot of trends come back and forth, but it's one of those things like crystal jeans, I'm not sure it's going to come back so quickly."

"My hands and feet are always matching. The only time they're not is maybe for a day, or half a day if I don't have time to do both, and I know I'm going to have my toes covered. I like the consistency. Although, when I see a woman with darker on her toes and then lighter on her hands it looks chic, but then when I try it I just look like...not so sure."

"I love a great matte red lip. Sometimes if you have a tan I would suggest more of a coral because I think that's nice. With a brighter lip, just keeping it as minimal as possible and just a little lash."

"I've used Diorshow for years, and Guerlain because they have a great wand."

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