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Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28

On February 8, Olivia Palermo will debut a collaboration with Nordstrom’s in-house label Chelsea28, just in time for New York Fashion Week. “It was important to start with life pieces, as I call them,” says Palermo. “Taking a great navy wide-leg pant, for example, and being able to restyle it.”

The Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 collection is comprised of 32 moving parts that cover just about every aspect of a working wardrobe: boho dresses to hold sway in the city, menswear-inspired oxford shirting, and stylish everyday jeans that are easily dressed up at a moment’s notice. “Denim is such an important part of one’s wardrobe,” says Palermo, whose collection includes a tailored denim jumpsuit and midi skirt. “It’s important to understand what a girl wants. And Nordstrom has a similar take on the New York woman—she’s a woman on a mission who knows what she’s looking for.”

And since Palermo has a knack for mixing high and low fashion, she was eager to make sure the clothes were attainable for all her fans, too: The opening price point of the collection is surprisingly affordable—just $68. So can we expect to see more from Palermo and the Seattle retail giant in the future? “It’s a learning process,” she says. “We’re just getting into the groove of working together, and I’m looking forward to vogue.com

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