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The Olivia Palermo Lookbook Wishes You A Merry Christmas

How does Olivia Palermo do it?

How does Olivia Palermo do it? The modern style icon has become a mainstay feature on many a best dressed list for years now—and never put a foot wrong. On Who What Wear, we regularly document the kind of brands she loves, the new places she’s shopping, as well as her latest outfit ideas, such is our love and dedication to understanding Palermo’s keen sense of style. Scroll through older photos of Palermo (we’re talking circa The City years), and even then it was clear she was a fashion star in the making. While she’s definitely honed her look, there are many rules we’ve learnt (and continue to learn) from OP. Polished but never overtly Upper East Side, preppy but never prim, classic but always with a twist… She’s the queen of fashion ratios. So what are the precise tricks you can employ as your own, you ask? Without further ado, here is an entire gallery to 20 of Palermo’s most effective style tricks and rules—the kind of subtle tweaks that immediately turn any basic outfit into a winner. From accessories to tailoring.

On paper, a white shirt with trousers and a jacket is a bit of a snooze-fest. However, opt for interesting details on your shirt, such as oversize cuffs or a unique collar, add a studded belt and pink lipstick, and you have yourself a winner.

A scarf or belt on its own can be nothing special, but when the two pieces are combined in alternative ways they become quirky lilts to a girly outfit.

Not sure how to wear that brightly coloured dress, jacket or top? Make a statement by toning down everything else in your outfit.

You never see Palermo without a pair of sunglasses. Fact.

This sportif blue-and-white ensemble is very safe by Palermo’s standard, but the lace-up heels make all the difference.

Always chic, and it’s always the best fallback outfit—just add a few textural differences and you’ll be OP’d up.

Denim shirts will always work for when you’re just not sure what to wear. Steal another style tip from Palermo by tying yours in a knot instead of tucking it in.

You’ve got your casual-smart vibe nailed, but what about black-tie or special one-off events? Watch how OP does it with flair, opting for a statement Valentino dress and going for the ethereal hair and makeup to match.

To make this work, OP sticks to a palette of blue and brown—if she had stepped outside of the tonal realm, it would have been confusing on the eyes. Bravo. Again!

When faced with the cold, do you wear the latest trend regardless of whether you’ll end up freezing? Take a leaf out of Palermo’s book and ensure you’ve got one coat that is as stylish as it is warm.

Although this outfit is predominantly black and white, we come away thinking it’s mostly red. Why? Because this is a truly expert way to do colour matching without looking like you tried too hard. Ps. that now sold-out bomber is from Topshop.

Take away Palermo’s coat and you’d have yourself a great casual outfit. With it, you have a more sophisticated ensemble that works for the office as well as a night out.

We’ve told you before about this Zara suit, which we’re still obsessed with. But why does it work so well? By keeping it simple and not adding overly fussy accessories, the whole outfit looks expensive.

Your eye automatically draws to the bottom of Olivia’s look here—with marabou-trimmed trousers and satin shoes there’s a party below and a sombre get-together up top. A very clever balance.

Don’t assume that sneakers instantly add scruffiness. Instead, make like Olivia and use them to relax a trouser suit.

While athleisure isn’t for everyone, you can tap into key trends by adjusting them to suit. OP does this by taking a pair of sporty trousers and adding her standard amount of polish: a white shirt, high heels and the all-important sunnies.

Hanging on to that threadbare chunky knit? Splash out on jumpers and cardis that not only keep your warm but also can be a focal point of your outfit.

This is a classic OP move that she’s been trailblazing for years.

We already knew that OP was loving these autumnal colours, but combined, they look better than we could have ever expected. There’s something about the strict three-point colour wheel she’s using that keeps everything in check.

Take a leaf out of OP’s style book and find new and interesting ways to dress your basics, such as tying your jumper horizontally across your body. Hey, it works.