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Have a wonderful week !!!!

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Have a wonderful ( Long ) weekend !!!!!

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot

Olivia Palermo and Benjamin Stelly view shots of exclusive photoshoot
Photo from
Behind the scenes at a recent photo shoot- stay tuned for the first of several pics in Monday’s  ”I Want What She’s Wearing”!

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Olivia Palermo Loves Winter Coats

 "During the long New York winter, a person's coat is the only indicator one can give to passerby as to their true fashion personality. In some ways, this is a beautiful thing. 
The coat becomes the most important purchase of the season, often demanding the purchase of more than one."

Adapted from Post on HillsFreak

Just Gorgeous !!!!!

Olivia Palermo in Nialaya Jewelry

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Behind the Scenes at

I decided to change a few things, since i don´t have much free time at this point ,the blog will not be updated as frequently as before because my main focus will be  my other blog UM RAIO DE SOL NA ÁGUA FRIA ( Sunligth on cold water) where you can still go to get Olivia Palermo updates.
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Have a wonderful weekend !!!!!


LOOK OF THE DAY : Olivia Palermo at 'Talent Store' Opening

 Olivia Palermo attends the 'Talent Store' Opening At Fidenza Village on October 20, 2011 in Fidenza, Italy.
 Olivia wore a Haute Hippie Marabou Feather Vest with the Tibi Long Sleeve Cobweb Lace blouse and Markus Lupfer skirt. She accessorize her look with Jimmy Choo 'Ghillie Tie' Sandals and Miss Dior bag . She rocked the eclectic mix!
Olivia Palermo with Fidenza Village Ceo Desiree Bollier,  and Vogue Italia editor-in- chief Franca Sozzani.

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How to Rock: Fur Vests

Photo courtesy of Johannes Huebl

The extreme and unshakeable chill of last winter seems to have put many designers in an Arctic state of mind. From a ladylike shrug at Miu Miu to the gobs of psychedelic fur liberally applied in Gucci most recent offerings, it seems to matter little how you wear fur, just so long as you do.
A fur vest is the perfect way to incorporate the trend into your wardrobe. As a layering piece, it’s a practical investment to keep you cozy on frigid nights. As a statement piece, a fur vests speaks for itself, adding interest to any outfit with its luxurious texture. The trick to wearing any fur piece is to avoid looking like Cruella DeVille through a careful balancing act of volume and form.

Color Play: Take lessons from Olivia, who layers her black fur vest over an all-black ensemble of leather pants, a fitted black blazer and a black turtleneck. The monochrome palette let the sheen and texture of the vest take center stage, while keeping the outfit elegant and understated. Add a splash of color with a bright accessory.
Taming the Beast: A furry vest can be overwhelming and leave your top half shapeless or worse– bulky. To keep your silhouette feminine, use a skinny belt or a fabric tie to define the waist.

Two Trends, One Outfit: Though skinny jeans and leggings seem to be the favored bottoms to pair with fur vests in an effort to slim down the bottom half of the body, high-waisted maxi skirts can bring another level of drama to an outfit. Bedecked in furs and a long skirt, you’ll feel like the most glamorous girl on the prairie – and the big city.

by Olivia in 

Just Gorgeous !


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Olivia Palermo’s Interview with Exposed Zippers Via

At the age of 25 you've already filled roles such as model, designer, cover girl, style icon and now blogger. What excites you most about your new venture?
There are a few aspects of this venture that are most exciting to me. Being able to travel and participate in the fashion industry in several different capacities on a global scale gives constant inspiration. is an online media platform that will allow me to share the beauties I experience on my travels. But, most importantly, it is also a platform to profile and share with the world other tastemakers that I believe in. Everyone needs fashion inspiration; places inspire me, clothes and art inspire me, but most importantly, it’s the wonderful people I work with and alongside that inspire me. Through I will introduce these people to an online audience.

Who are the members of your team, what do they bring to the table?
I have two full time staff people on the site, my business partner and managing partner, Sandy Hussain, and our lovely and stylish Fashion and Accessories Editor Teresa Greenfeld. 
Sandy brings to the table a world of knowledge and experience in business, marketing, and online strategy. She's been working with me over a year now on several projects, and this site is the culmination of traveling together, sharing many long nights brainstorming and building a vision of a brand and company that will begin online. We like to say that we balance each other out and that's why this team has been able to work so well together.
Teresa and I have known each other forever, she reads my mind when it comes to style. Sandy and I brought Teresa on initially as a writer but it was really clear that with her hard work and her undeniable sense of style and fearlessness when it comes to working in a start-up environment that Teresa was the perfect compliment to our full-time team.
There will be more to come on, there is a vision we all share and we are working towards that on a daily basis. The bottom line is that I do travel a lot. I'm on the phone or video conference with Teresa and/or Sandy several times a day working on the editorial direction and creative content of the site but even if there is a moment when a fashion shoot calls, I know that is in extremely trusted hands. 

How often do you plan to add new content?
Initially we didn't expect the numbers we were getting in terms of the number of people visiting the site. The feedback and traffic has been wonderful and a welcomed surprise. As a result, we've had to make a lot of decisions very quickly. We've quickly moved from making 1-2 posts a day to a minimum of 2-3 posts per day. We expect to grow to about 5 posts per day by December and so on. We've just added two London-based contributors and we expect to add more contributors from around the world very soon.

Is there a long term plan for
Yes, there is a long term plan for but, it’s very early in our launch. We want to get as much feedback from our audience and we want to remain fluid in our growth. But, overall, at the core of our site is the belief that will continue to be a go to destination for international tastemakers, myself and others included. 

What goes into selecting your wardrobe for an event? Can you tell us about the process: does it start with a pair of shoes, clutch, piece of jewelry?
Yes, it actually does start with a particular item. Is it always one particular type of item? Not necessarily. It could be a clutch one day, a piece of jewelry the next day, a wonderful pair of shoes the next day. I find an inspirational piece and then I start building around it. I'll start giving some advice about this process on I'll also have other stylists contribute their ideas on how women should approach selecting a wardrobe for themselves. The process is very individualistic, as its always best to consider your body type and what colors work best on you.

Accessories are always such a highlight in your styling. How many bags would you say you have amongst your collection?
Accessories are the perfect way polish off a look. It's the details that are special. The bag I use most would be my VBH Brera double zip bag. It's a perfect everyday bag. In addition to that I have a collection of statement bags and those that are simple. My Hermes clutch, for instance, is an easy way to polish off a look with one of my favorite things.

Daphne Guinness has a personal database with inventory of her wardrobe. How do you keep track of what's in your closet?
It is important to make sure everything is clean and organized and categorized. Whether it's a closet or anything else! Because I travel a lot, it's really important to keep my closet organized. I organize my closet by colors, shoes, seasons, and an added special touch of pull-out jewelry drawers that keep my accessories organized. will also feature a "Living Tips" section, which will give recommendations from myself, my staff, and interior decorating experts on how best to organize your life and your surroundings.

Rumors have circulated about you launching your own collection. What would you design first?
Designing a collection is something I hope to do in the future. For now I have my hands full with and modeling, and being an editor for and consulting. But yes, designing is a love of mine, and it will come when the timing is right.