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Mostrar mensagens com a etiqueta Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl for Crème de la Mer. Mostrar todas as mensagens

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Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl for Crème de la Mer

What was it like to work with your husband?
Oh, it was wonderful. We really enjoy working together. It wasn’t our first day, and hopefully it won’t be our last. With Johannes being a photographer and also being a model for 17, 18 years, and myself being a model, it just made it nice. We always give little suggestions to one another, but it was a good day, and I think as a team it was awesome and we all had fun.

Have you been a fan of La Mer for a long time? Has it been one of your go-to brands?
I love La Mer products. I mean, who doesn’t? La Mer is amazing. I definitely incorporate La Mer into my skin regimen. One of my favorites is the body creme. The Illuminating Eye Gel is fantastic. I’m a person who prefers serum over heavier creams—it’s just lighter for my skin. Each skin type is different, so you have to see what works for you. I really like the history behind La Mer, and there’s elements that come from the ocean, and Johannes and I are very much into water and the beach and I definitely feel, when I come back from being on the beach, that my skin has a little bit of a difference, so if La Mer can help me achieve that, I think that’s awesome.

In the winter, when you’re inside and it’s cold, do you feel your skin change?
For sure. For me, I’m constantly traveling, so my skin is in the sky most of the time, and it’s dry on the airplane. It’s very important to stay hydrated. There’s a combination of things: It’s a combination between making sure you stay hydrated, and your diet—that you’re eating all your fruits and vegetables.

In the video you two are getting ready for a night out. Is that really what it looks like when you get ready? Do you help each other? 
Johannes and I, we really get ready separately, but I think it’s nice sometimes when you’re getting ready, sometimes you talk to each other running through the apartment. Every once in a while I might ask him to help with one of my tricky zippers—which everyone has, I’m sure, in their closet—and then he comes to my rescue and helps me with a clasp or a zipper, but other than that, we meet at the door like you see at the end of the movie.

I love the subtle cat eye that you’re wearing in the video. Is that that something you can do yourself?
Oh, definitely! I think it’s important to experiment with makeup and have experts explain different ways for you to try something at home. And I’ve been so fortunate for years to work with the best hair and makeup people, so I’ve picked up one or two tips along the way, and I just know that there are different shapes that can work for me. Luckily, I’m able to do my own hair and makeup, so if I want to do a round eye, or smoky eye, or cat eye, I can achieve them.

What are some of the best makeup tips you’ve learned?
Well, I think Charlotte Tilbury has an amazing makeup line that I’ve worn this past year. It’s changed my life. I think it goes back to skin regimens and different products to use. Each person’s skin and type is different. For me, I really like powders for eye shadows, and I like pencils for eyeliner and not necessarily gels—my eyes get a little irritated by that. And then, you just have to figure out which products work because they’re all different and some of them have different formulas, and also you have to remember that sometimes the formulas change throughout the year.

Socialite/style blogger/designer Olivia Palermo and her hot husband, model Johannes Huebl, have put their very well-coiffed heads together to give you a look inside their jetsetting lives. Well, sorta. The couple stars in a new content series for luxe skincare brand La Mer, and of course, they look amazing in the new ads. We have all the scoop from Palermo on her latest role, plus, the behind-the-scenes photos that will make you want to stage a sexy shoot with your boyfriend.

She Loves Working with Her Husband
“We definitely enjoy having funny moments and time. We’re very much on the same page about how we work together and it makes it more fun. At our shoot we had a great view of New York City, and it was a little rainy. I always think seeing a skyscraper and a stormy sky is really pretty.”

But She’s Not Afraid to Give Johannes a Few Modeling Pointers
“It’s always interesting. Sometimes I can see a little bit of difference, whether it’s an arm that needs to be placed differently. We always give each other pointers, not in a criticizing way. It’s really fun.”

She’s a Fan of the Sun (So Makes Sure to Give Her Skin Extra TLC)
“I love how La Mer is made using ingredients from the sea. I love to spend a lot of time at the beach, but I notice the difference in my skin when I get back. Including these products as part of my skincare routine definitely helps and makes my skin happy.”

She Prefers Serums Over Creams 
“I take a shower religiously and wash off all my makeup and have a fresh face before I go to sleep. In the morning, La Mer has really fantastic serums that I use. I also eat really healthy, which I think has a lot to do with skin. It’s a combination of staying hydrated and using the right products that let your skin breathe. Plus, not always wearing makeup. For me that works. Oh, and a good eye cream like La Mer’s new Illuminating Eye Gel is very important.”

Sometimes She Accessorizes Before She Gets Dressed 
“I always find when a woman is doing final touches, you’d rather get dressed after. Throw a robe over, don’t your soil your shirt. It’s not easy to get makeup off.”

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl for Crème de la Mer

One of our favorite style couples, Olivia Palermo and her husband, Johannes Huebl, are starring in the first film in a series for luxurious skin care line La Mer.
Called “Illuminating Moments,” the short films are part of a global digital campaign . It officially launches on La Mer’s site tomorrow, along with the company’s newest innovation: its Illuminating Eye Gel ($145;, made from the same magical ingredients as one of La Mer’s most popular products, the moisturizing cream Crème de la Mer (something everyone at InStyle happens to be obsessed with). It brightens eyes on contact and fights early signs of aging.
Palermo and Huebl are at the center of the first story, the fashion power couple is captured sharing a moment in their busy lives that’s punctuated with missed connections.

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl for Crème de la Mer

 Olivia Palermo and her husband are the shiny new faces of Crème de la Mer
'I've always been a fan,' says Olivia Palermo as she becomes the face of Crème de la Mer, alongside her husband Johannes Huebl
She may be a fashion girl, but Olivia Palermo admits she's "always been into beauty too," which is why she's just agreed to become the face of Crème de la Mer, gently persuading her new husband Johannes Huebl to join her in the venture.
Together the power couple are fronting Crème de la Mer's new vision, and specifically its Illuminating Moments campaign which supports the new Illuminating Eye Gel, "which is amazing, and seems to be working for me, I prefer serums to creams," adds Palermo. It's a "global digital campaign in partnership with glamorous couples from around the world," says Crème de la Mer, which is creating three exclusive vignettes featuring good-looking, successful couples from Paris, Seoul and of course New York, the first of the series starring the Huebls.
Much like the eye gel itself, the 29-year-old American socialite explains that filming on set was "amazing". Featuring Palermo and her model husband (no really, he's been modelling for 17 years), Illuminating Moments drives home the message that "the eyes are the most powerful force of attraction," as Loretta Miraglia, senior vice president at Crème de la Mer explains - especially when helped along by a little brightening eye cream of course. "A man or woman may not speak a word but their eyes will tell you everything."
Palermo did speak some words on the subject of her first beauty campaign however, telling the Telegraph: "I've always been a fan of Crème, I think most women are right?" She's also had a long-term love affair with good skincare too, "my appreciation for beauty started from my mother at a young age. I think it's extremely important to take care of your skin, especially not going to bed with make-up on, you'll have it for at least 70 or 80 years."
"For me beauty is just as important as any outfit, whether it's skincare, make-up or hair - beauty is like an accessory to yourself and how you're put together." Refreshingly, the picture of perfection reveals that it wasn't always easy, "you have to put a little time in." She even admits to bad hair days, "everybody goes through that, I usually put it up in a bun and I'm very happy with that, but it's always hydrated and healthy." Note taken.
German-born Huebl shares the same beauty ethos with Palermo, swearing by his own skincare regime to maintain his model looks - he doesn't however share his products. "Well he's a guy and he has his own products, and we have our own separate bathrooms," says Palermo, "so we have our own separate regimes too." Thankfully there's enough illuminating moments and Crème de la Mer to go around the Huebl household these days.