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terça-feira, 14 de maio de 2013

Olivia Palermo for

Every woman in heels want to feel sexy : Olivia Palermo

There are instances in which what is conventionally described as style is merely the result of years and years dedicated to fashion, runway shows and red carpets.
However, there are also cases in which style is something innate, a natural gift you flaunt proudly knowing that one day it will take you far.
These are the characteristics of the true IT-Girl. Anybody interested in fashion who surfs the net flicking through fashion blogs can’t but be familiar with stylish Olivia Palermo.

She was born in Greenwich, Connecticut but grew up in the Upper East Side, New York and is the definition of the perfect Gossip Girl: beautiful, socialite and trend-setter.
Until a few years ago, only few were familiar with her name. The turning point came in 2008 when she was invited to take part in the cast of The City, a spin-off of the famous reality show, The Hills, “only to familiarize myself with acting”, she explains.
Just enough to be nominated the new queen of street style by the online shopping mecca Asos and to become the face of Hogan. Following that, she created a capsule collection, launched a fashion blog where she posts her outfits providing fashion tips and her name is among the ones receiving the highest number of hits across the world.

To me fashion is about one’s individuality and personality.  I don’t always create my outfits in details. I follow my instinct-Olivia Palermo.

The instinct she mentions being that natural ability to make style appear as something attainable by everybody. Quite simple when “everybody” means a tall, slender girl with lovely wavy hair who is also a socialite.

I’ve always loved fashion since I was a kid and always had a special inclination for it,some people are born with a musical ear or another talent. I was born with the gift of style-Olivia Palermo

The images are print screens i made from the video.