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segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

What it Really Takes to Look Like Olivia Palermo

 From her polished locks to her flawless skin, it's all too easy to be jealous of Olivia Palermo (even if you're still hating on her from her days on The City). To help ease your envy, we've put together a collection of the style star's best beauty tips, tricks and recommendations so you can look like you've just walked off the pages of Vogue, too.
Well, sort of.

Wash your face well.
One of Olivia's secrets to clear skin? The Clarisonic. She told Marie Claire UK, "Clarisonic has changed my entire world. You think you have awesome skin and then that happens and you realize there’s a whole level to it.

Find a great dermatologist.
Find a dermatologist who can recommend the best products to fight any annoyances you may have with your skin. Olivia says: I've been seeing my dermatologist, Dr Dennis Gross and using his products since I was 14.

Listen to your mom.
Olivia told Marie Claire UK, "My mother always taught me that you don’t leave the house until you’re fully dressed – make-up and everything." First rule in the OP beauty handbook: That whole roll-out-of-bed look you sported all throughout university isn't going to cut it. Wake up a little earlier so you can spend time getting your hair and makeup just right for the day

Invest in your equipment.
No chincing out on your application tools. Olivia says, "Nothing beats a fresh set of Bobbi Brown brushes.
Master the makeup thing.
If you think you need a special makeup artist to achieve Olivia's gorgeous looks, then think again. She states, "I do my own makeup, but listen to the experts when it comes to things like getting your foundation colour right and knowing what your skin needs in different seasons." Educate yourself with the latest trends, and simple beauty tricks, and don't be afraid to try new techniques to change up your look.

Find a luxury facial treatment.
After cleansing skin morning and night, Olivia uses SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence . It has over 90 per cent Pitera, which is a miracle ingredient that helps improve the appearance of flawless skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve firmness.

Deeply nourishing and moisturizing, Olivia's cream du jour, SK-II Skin Signature Cream,provides long-lasting hydration and instantly boosts radiance and firmness.

Pamper your skin.
This weekly or bi-weekly face mask is your (and Olivia's) key to seriously moisturized skin. A single use of SK-II's Facial Treatment Mask results in a visibly illuminating and crystal clear complexion.

 Find the perfect lightweight foundation.
Quickly and easily achieve OP's perfect complexion with YSL's Perfect Touch Radiant Brush Foundation. Boasting a brush applicator, this simple foundation delivers a smooth, even and natural-looking finish with sheer coverage.

 Find a great full-coverage foundation.
Looking for a bit more coverage? Olivia's other go-to foundation is Burberry's Luminous Fluid Foundation . Coming in a lightweight formula, it provides skin with a natural, radiant and long-lasting finish.

Carry a compact for midday touch-ups.
Long day ahead? Go for Olivia's favourite compact foundation, Burberry's Luminous Compact Foundation  Perfect for midday touch-ups, it helps minimize unwanted shine and provides a covetable velvety finish.

 Get creative with colour.
An easy way to change up your beauty look like Olivia is with her favourite eyeshadow, Guerlain's Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette  Coming in five different colour options, each eyeshadow palette offers a range of iridescent, matte and satin shadows.

 Always have a glow.
Copy Olivia's goddess glow with Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick Compact.Simply dust it on your cheekbones after applying blush for the perfect sun-kissed look.

 Have a secret weapon.
Do like OP and even out your complexion with Mii's Miraculous Colour Corrector. This pale green pigment balances out redness and blemishes to help reduce the appearance of rosacea. It's a serious miracle-worker.

  Go for classic red.
Of course, a really great red Essie nail polish is a must, if you ask Olivia

Love your locks.
When it comes to your hair, do whatever you have to do to feel great. Olivia says, "There is a high maintenance aspect to my hair, but I think the effort is worth it because if you’re having a bad hair day you feel slightly off in general. I wash and blow dry my hair every day."
Visit your hairstylist regularly.
Keep your locks looking their best by taking extra good care of them. Olivia reveals, "I get a trim every month just to keep it healthy and get rid of split ends. I go to Andre Davis at Julien Farel Salon. He's been my hairstylist for ten years."

Don't leave the house without hairspray.
Ensure your mane looks great wherever you are, with a travel-sized can of L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Olivia told Allure, "I always carry a little can of Elnett with me

Have a plan for pimples.
Have a blemish? Happens to the best of us. Olivia's trick? Aspirin and lemon juice. The aspirin reduces swelling and redness, and contains salicylic acid which helps unclog pores. The lemon juice contains Vitamin C and citric acid, which will exfoliate and nourish the skin.Create a spot treatment by crushing two uncoated aspirin and adding a little lemon juice at a time to form a paste. Leave it on, let it dry, and wash it off.

Always smell stunning.
Although she says her husband Johannes's cologne is pretty much her signature scent, a perfume she loves is Orange Blossom by Jo Malone